Daily Illustration No. 19

I started out drawing a T-Rex today but knew I would never finish it in time and since my aim is to finish a drawing a day for thirty days, I switched ideas. That was late in the day, probably around 6 or 7 pm. With such little time, all I could think of was this Chinese character. Yeah, it’s pretty lame and it sucks like a vacuum but what do you want from me? I can barely draw as it is. Anyhow, this symbol was the second tattoo I ever got. I asked a Chinese friend to draw it for me many years ago and so he did. It’s suppose to be the character for Chaos but for all I know it’s the symbol for Fish Breath. Next time I see a Chinese person on the street, I’ll run up to them as I rip off my shirt saying “HEY, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS SAYS BRO?” That won’t freak them out at all. Chaos created in Adobe Ideas on an iPad.